Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm shift – a broad change in our perspective and thinking – has been something that I have been anxiously awaiting for many years.  I have understood for many years now that we do not have a “health care system,” but rather a “sick care system.”  There are many philosophies of modern medicine that I no longer blindly accept as truth, having seen them disproved over and over in clinical practice.

Our modern medicine is fascinated with patented chemicals more commonly known as “drugs” or “pharmaceuticals.”  It is the industry of modern medicine – multi-billions of dollars of annual revenue.  They are expensive, they are controlled, and they seem to be the only option that people are given to treat their various conditions on television commercials, magazine ads, and even as treatment options at the physician’s office.  Yet, most of these pharmaceuticals are toxic chemicals with a laundry list of nasty side-effects (and many of them are mimics of nature’s herbs).

However, drugs are not the only option for treating our symptoms.  (Even better than treating the symptoms, we should be focusing on treating the cause.)  In a recently published TIME Magazine article, there is evidence of an oncoming paradigm shift – a shift towards what modern medicine calls CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine).  Many individuals are now seeking health from practitioners that are considered “alternative” – acupuncture, massage, tai chi, homeopathy, herbal remedies, yoga, qi gong, reiki, chiropractic, naturopathic, and more!  However, the author seems skeptical, downplaying much of the results of these therapies by stating that they are placebo or “nocebo” effects.  At one point, the author states that, “The science is lagging well behind everyday use.”  My input – maybe we need to shift our thinking and awareness of how we view science and the universe.  We are only capable of understanding that which we have been told or have accepted that we can understand.

From my perspective, true health comes from fully integrating the body, mind, and spirit – holistically.  Until science can research the outcomes in such an accepted manner, the results will always vary.  Ultimately, the “alternative” therapies are not really alternative – they are the mandatory.  To me, modern medicine is “complementary and alternative” – my last resort in the event of an emergency or other unexpected occurrence.

I am ready for the paradigm shift to more health, wealth, and happiness created from the inside-out… not the outside-in.  Are you ready to join with me?


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