Health Care Reform

Everyone does deserve health care – not health insurance.  Yes, our current political debate and structure on health care is flawed.  Health comes from within – and the best health care should come from ourselves!

Our health care system is broken – it cannot survive with just reform.  Instead, the system is in need of a complete overhaul!  Many think that it is not possible to overhaul the health care system, but it is if there is a change in paradigm – a change of thought and perspective.

To illustrate, consider all types of insurances available and what they cover:

  • Life Insurance – Covers the unexpected death of a family member to either help replace income or help pay burial expenses.
  • Auto Insurance – Covers unexpected accidents and the damages associated with that event.
  • Home Insurance – Covers unexpected disasters of flood and fire.

In other words, all insurance covers the unexpected events, not the day-to-day expenses.  Life insurance does not pay for your groceries.  Auto insurance does not help you pay for oil changes or wiper blades.  Home insurance does not help you pay your mortgage.  All of these types of insurances are a protection from bankruptcy or financial disaster and they are actually quite affordable.

The issue with Health Insurance is that people expect it to cover everything!  Yet, it should only be there to cover the unexpected and dramatic health events.

Now I know that a lot of people will then argue that medical care is expensive.  Yes, that is a true statement for our current system and paradigm.  However, just imagine how affordable things would be if you paid cash for your health care services just like you do to buy fuel, food, and home improvement supplies…

Since people expect health insurance to cover every health event and never practice an “ounce of prevention,” more and more health problems arise to which doctors submit their claims to insurance to remain unpaid.  Any establishment that gets underpaid for their rendered services will eventually raise prices – and do so at an almost exponential rate.

Let’s face it.  Health insurance companies are in business to make money.  What business isn’t?  Health insurance companies need to turn a profit just like any other business.  Thus, they will pay lower amounts to treating physicians, deny coverage for certain ailments, and will raise their prices to try to compensate for the money that they have to pay out.  The system is in a “dog-eat-dog” scenario and headed for financial disaster.

The paradigm must change!  All people must be willing to pay cash for their health care, have affordable health insurance coverage for the unexpected disasters, and be willing to practice prevention and good health care habits.




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