Raising Radiation Limits

Health is so misunderstood.  Our current societal philosophy views us as robots or mechanical structures, not the miraculous biological structures that we are.  Under our current paradigm, if something is wrong with your body, cut it out, drug it up, irradiate it, or change the acceptable levels…

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) reports that the EPA is considering raising the “safe” level of radiation after nuclear disasters or “dirty bomb” incidents.  How wonderful.  In other words, when radiation goes up around us, we are still okay.  No need to be concerned.  So, when it starts to rain like crazy and your house begins to flood, not to worry, we can just raise the acceptable limits of water.

From The Telegraph:

“Scientists also confirmed that ocean currents will swiftly dilute the radioactive iodine-131, eliminating risks to human health and the environment.”

In other words, the solution to pollution is dilution.  Just mix it all in with the ocean and it will magically disappear.  Why don’t we just do that with oil spill disasters?

Our current government apparently does not have our best health in mind.

The best person to take charge of your health is youTake charge today…


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