You Have a Mental Disorder!


Chances are, if you are following this blog and subscribe to this website, you have a mental disorder!  This mental disorder is known as Orthorexia Nervosa – in other words, an obsession of healthy eating.

The great thing about this new created disease is that now that you have a “classified” health disorder, pharmaceutical manufacturing can begin to treat your disorder.  By bombarding your body with toxic chemicals, you can overcome this disorder and they can make billions of dollars.  What a great way to counteract the Health Revolution, huh?  Their method is a common tactic – downplay and discredit the truth so that others will mock you and remain unchanged.  After all, why would anyone in this world actually choose to eat healthy?!?

Well, we will not buy into that nonsense!  Proper nutrition is the basis of health and what we put into our bodies is vital to how we will function today, tomorrow, and for years to come. After all, “You are what you eat!”

The real disorder is Pharmacophilia – an attraction to pharmaceutical drugs.  Maybe there is a drug to treat that…


Maybe you will have just as much fun as I have had by creating your own diseases with the Disease Mongering Generator by Natural News.

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