Anti-Cancer Nutrition

For many years, I have been a proponent of the regular consumption of Vitamin B-17 – also known as amygdalin.  Amygdalin is found in almonds, peach pits, apricot pits, and apple seeds.  Smaller amounts of amgydalin can be found in berries, sprouts, wheat grass, and lima beans.

Amygdalin has 4 molecules combined to make the vitamin – 2 molecules of glucose, 1 benzaldyhide, and 1 cyanide.  The last two components – benzaldyhide and cyanide – are extremely toxic to cells, but they are bound in a non-bioavailable form.  However, cancer cells contain an enzyme that regular functioning cells do not have called beta-glucosidase.  This enzyme breaks apart the pieces of amygdalin (Vitamin B-17) and render the cancer cell poisoned and destined to die.  In other words, regular consumption of this nutrient is a non-toxic and non-harmful form of nature’s chemotherapy.

Why isn’t this little known fact about Vitamin B-17 more well known?

Well, the cancer industry is way too profitable for a cure to actually be found.  The “powers that be” are more interested in $$$ than in your health.  As a result, the FDA banned all products that contained amygdalin from the shelves of health food stores back in 1971.  I have a colleague that remembers watching the confiscation take place while he was working at a health food store back in 1971.  In addition, rumors were spread about the ingredients in these food sources of amygdalin.  Many people now believe that these “almond kernels” inside of apricots, peaches, almonds, and apple seeds contain arsenic (a known toxin) instead of amygdalin.

I am grateful for that ensures that we have easy access to this vital and healthy nutrient!