Product Review: NET Remedies

We have been utilizing NET Remedies for about 7 years now – and they are amazing! My first exposure to these Remedies occurred when I was learning the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) at Parker College of Chiropractic.  I was amazed at the quick and excellent results that I received from them.

I initially utilized the Allergy Remedy since I was struggling with some allergies – especially to cats.  With just one does, my symptoms began to clear and I felt amazingly better within minutes.  Since that time, I have been able to work on my emotions and rid myself of many of my allergies with which I was struggling.

The Flu Immune remedy has a miraculous story attached to it.  We were heading to Estes Park, CO to stay in a condo with all of my extended family.  On the way there, I received a call on my cell phone from my mother, informing me that 2 of the family members were coming down with strep throat.  As an immediate family, we began to take the Flu Immune remedy.  Upon arrival, we offered the remedy to anyone that was interested.  We spent 7 days with everyone and had a tremendous time – never getting sick.  However, anyone that did not take the remedy eventually came down with strep throat.

NET Remedies are formulated by professional naturopathic physicians and homeopaths and utilize a harmonic balance of various herbs and minerals.  The formulas are powerful and effective and treat a wide variety of health issues and disorders.  NET Remedies are a product line sold strictly to professionals due to their potency and effectiveness.  If you are interested in trying NET Remedies, please fill out our NET Wellness Questionnaire and then create an account with our Online Store.


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