How To: Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar should be renamed as the “Party Sugar.”  The light and airy substance of powdered sugar sings party time and instantly transforms any Monday into a Friday. Thank goodness its Friday?  No… Thank goodness it is powdered sugar.


But when you are monitoring the quality of sugar you are eating, party sugar created from unprocessed organic sugar is hard to find.  Today I am going to teach you how to bring the party back into your sugar.


How To: Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

To start you are going to need some unprocessed white sugar – organic if possible.  White unprocessed sugar is known as “Sugar in the Raw,” organic sugar, and more of a brown sugar substitute.  You might notice that the sugar crystals are larger which is a sign of higher nutrient content.  Yum.  Sugar that is healthy for you.   As a heads up the sugar will double in volume as it is powdered-ized.

Next, you are going to need a blender or some form of grinder.  I use my vitamix when I am creating large quantities and my toastmaster grinder when I need a small amount.  Today I am going to demonstrate with my toastmaster grinder.

Place no more than 1/4 cup of unprocessed sugar in the toastmaster.  If you try to powdered-ize more than that, the sugar will not be as fluffy.  Push the handy dandy button at the top and watch the sugar circle.

When the sugar is light and fluffy, remove the lid.

Simple.  Right?  Now you can use this simple homemade powdered sugar to compliment frosting, brownies, and life.  TGFHPS.  Thank Goodness For Healthy Powdered Sugar.  The party can start right now.



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