Pee On Your Feet

I usually get a lot of shocked reactions when I say that.  In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you are a bit shocked right now after reading that title.

It is true though, our urine possesses some excellent properties.  In fact, premenstrual mare urine (premarin) has been used for decades to pharmaceutically treat hormonal imbalances (of which I am not a proponent as there are better methods to correct hormonal imbalances), cancer treatments (Dr. Burzynski purifies human urine from healthy patients and gives it to cancer patients), and foot fungus.

When it comes to foot fungus (aka “Athlete’s Foot”), the byproduct of our protein breakdown – urea – serves as an excellent cure to impede the growth of the fungus and stop the infection in days flat.  It is a nitrogenous waste compound that exists in our urine.  And remember, urine is sterile – no need to be grossed out.  I will profess that I have utilized this remedy successfully numerous times when I was living in a damp, moist climate and foot fungus was a common problem.  I have also recommended it to numerous patients who have also reported great results.  Eat your heart out, Tinactin… the tough actin’ comes from urea.


  • Turn off the shower water
  • Urinate on your feet and stomp in the urine for a couple of minutes
  • Wash
  • Rinse

Looking for another alternative?  Coconut Oil is excellent for treating foot fungus as the active compound of coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.  If you have issues with nail fungus, Oregano Essential Oil works great!


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