Curing Cancer – Dr. Burzynski

Today’s post is about curing cancer – naturally.

Dr. Burzynski has been doing it for years, but not without facing a lot of opposition from the FDA and other government / quasi-governmental organizations.  In fact, he has been curing some of the most difficult and progressive brain cancers.  Burzynski’s clinic treats patients according to my own philosophy:

“Burzynski Clinic does not believe in a ‘one size fits all treatment’ for cancer patients.  Our care encompasses a personalized and customized approach.”

You see, cancer is too big of a $$$ maker for pharmaceutical companies and for hospitals.  Fear mongering is excellent tactic they use as fear will cause most individuals to lay down any amount of $$$ – life savings, investments, and more – to obtain a cure.  It is an excellent way to get $$$ without taxing you like crazy or stealing it straight from your back account like they did in Cyprus.  But think about it, the current “accepted” methods to treat cancer other than invasive excision is with radiation and with toxic chemicals – the same two things that caused the cancer in the first place!

If you believe that all of the propaganda and “races” for the cure are actually to raise funding to cure cancer, you are wrong.  I had a student many years ago that worked in a cancer research laboratory in Nevada – she eventually left because she knew that they were just promoting a big lie.

Watch the trailer for the 2nd movie on Dr. Burzynski:


Natural cures that have been effective have been discounted.  As you can see in this trailer, even physicians that are trying to heal people are being attacked, treated like fodder, and attempts made to shut them up and put them into prison.  Modern day research is important – I am involved with it every day – but when the corporate profits undermine the actual healing of patients, we have a significant problem.  As individuals, we need to ensure that we take health into our own hands and have a support group of knowledgeable physicians that we can turn to for good advice.

I acknowledge that Dr. Burzynski’s methods may not be for everybody.  I also acknowledge that each individual needs to know their body better.  Ultimately, they are the ones that will be doing the healing… not the doctor.  Just be sure that whichever method you choose to treat cancer, make an educated decision for yourself that is not based out of fear.  Are you sure that the chemotherapy or the radiation is the best therapy?  Educate yourself and choose the best for your body.


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