With No Hope, There Is No Healing…

What I state to you now, I have stated to patients and students for a long time:

“With no hope, there is no healing!”

You see, the body is only capable physically of what we believe and reinforce that it can do energetically / mentally.  All things are created in energy form prior to manifesting in the physical form.  Ideas (energy) come prior to the product (physical).  This has been observed for millenia and continues to be observed in quantum physics through application of Einstein’s 1905 equation of mass-energy equivalenceE=MC2.

As you look at various health conditions and their outcomes in others, many times the “worst” period is just before the “best.”  Similar to a home being remodeled, the house looks like “junk” for quite some time, and then suddenly, things get cleaned out and the house looks better than before. Healing in our body takes the same course.  All too often, people lose hope when they see the “clutter” or the “pain” of the remodeling… however, this is a necessary step for the healing process to properly occur.

During the moments of hopelessness in healing, we should look inward and find peace and assurance that our bodies are doing their best to function optimally.  We also need to appreciate the “blips” in the road.  After all, if one never had the sense of “hopelessness,” it would be impossible to appreciate the moments that are filled with hope. It is like dark and light – we cannot know the one without fully comprehending the other.

Look at the great results that have occurred so far in your healing – appreciate the changes that have occurred and utilize them to build faith… then with that faith, cultivate hope for the future.


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