An Apple a Day…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

This simple statement about apples continues to be proven time and time again.  The reason?

Well, apples are packed full of nutrients – even some nutrients that we do not have names for!  In fact, fruits and vegetables have a plethora of nutrients that have not been named nor researched.  It is important to recognize that many times, research tends to focus on single nutrients and not the effects of all nutrients combined in a harmonic effect.  This is due to the fact that in order to make scientific conclusions, you must have comparisons against controls.  The fewer the variables, the easier it is to make solid conclusions.

Some recent research demonstrates that women that consume dried apples regularly effectively lowered their LDL cholesterol, raised their HDL levels, and even lost weight.  Honestly, I am not the least bit surprised.  I only wonder how fresh apples would compare to the results?

I love apples!  I have witnessed the healing benefits of apples time and time again.  They are packed full of nutrients and are one of the most unique fruits that can be grown virtually anywhere in the world.  Apples can be grown in almost any environment around the world and take the longest amount of time to come to maturation, being harvested in the late Fall to early Winter – that demonstrates that it takes a long time to mature excellent nutrition.  My family is known to eat more than 10 apples per day.  We usually shock a lot of people when we go through the checkout aisle with boxes of apples…

Even though I myself am involved in important research into treating addiction, I recognize that it is important that we recognize that health is holistic – not reductionistic.  Apples teach that simple principle by their patience in growth, durability in nature, and power-packed nutrition.  Our bodies respond best to the harmonics that exist in the world around us.

Eating whole foods are always better than taking isolated vitamins.  For some excellent harmonic and wholesome additions to your home cooking, check out our recipes.


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