Recipe Roundup

These fun recipes inspired us to lick our fingers clean this week.  Please share any of your new favorite recipe finds in the comments below.


Weekly Reads: 72 Hr. Kits, Kombucha, Homeschool

Now it’s your turn to share some of your favorite weekly reads.  What did you learn about this week?

Weekly Recipe Roundup: Cinnamon Buns, Sweet Potatoes, Girl Scout Cookies, and Honey Lime Enchiladas

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to cook.   As newly-weds, we ate stroganoff for dinner every week along with cheesy soup, enchiladas, and cereal.  The day quickly came when I thought one more bite of stroganoff would KILL me.

I hounded people for recipes like a moth begging for light.  My survival depended upon it.

Our stroganoff death-binge taught me one thing.

I like variety.

I rarely make the same thing twice, unless the dish is beyond incredible. When it comes to healthy eating, you have to be willing to “shake it up a bit.”  Living off of lettuce alone may increase your chances of looking awesome in that bikini, but after a while you are going to binge on something not-so-amazing.  Matt Stone in Diet Recovery teaches that dieting is like holding your breath.  You can only hold it for so long.  Eventually you are going to have to breathe again if you want to live.

Changing up my meals makes healthy food exciting.  Plain and simple. It helps me learn my boundaries and avoid the deprivation/binge cycle of dieting.

Here are some of our favorite recipe finds this week:

Now it’s your turn to share.  What amazing recipes did you concoct this week?

Wellness Reads

water drop

There are so many awesome resources on the internet written by amazing people.  It is helpful to know that by our little “drops” of change, we can make create big positive “waves” in regards to our health.  At times, healthy habits can feel daunting.  Where does one begin?

The answer is simple.

Pick one thing and start right now.

My road of health is constant and ever learning.  I learn one thing and then apply it.  Then I learn another and another.  My foundation has been largely built upon the messages of people around me that are willing to share.  Their messages are inspiring and healing and I am excited to share four of my favorite “recent” reads with you today.


Now it’s your turn to share.  What have you learned this week?