The digestive tract is vitally important – it is the body’s source of nourishment.  In fact, the digestive tract could be considered the “roots” of our body – the location where nutrients are acquired and then allowed for transport to the entire body.

The digestive tract is an amazing “dis-assembly” line.  Nutrients are acquired through eating or drinking and then are disassembled as they are mechanically and chemically digested.  Many processes need to occur in this “dis-assembly” line.  Just like any linear process, if there is an issue in any one of the steps, the entire process is delayed.  Therefore, a digestive problem anywhere along the line can cause problems elsewhere.

After adrenal dysfunction, a properly functioning digestive tract is the most important factor to one’s health.  If one cannot properly nourish their body, there will be significant dysfunction throughout the entire body.

Signs or symptoms of Digestive Dysfunction include:

  • Bloating
  • Difficulty or irregularity with defecation (bowel movements)
  • Blood in stool
  • Frequent gas pain or flatulence
  • Undigested material in fecal matter
  • Putrid smell of fecal matter


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