"Love Me Tender..." by JustinLowery.comEnergy of Marriage

The most important relationship that you will ever have or develop is with your spouse.  In fact, no other person can have more influence on your happiness, self-esteem, and well-being than your spouse.

In the modern viewpoint of marriage decline and changing definitions of marriage, we strongly recommend and advise developing a strong, monogamous relationship with one of the opposite gender.  Marriage is more than a physical bond – it is a spiritual, energetic, emotional, and physical union – a union that I know is possible to exist beyond mortality.

The divorce rate in the United States has been on the rise for many years.  Although some divorces are inevitable, many marriages can blossom to full success and bliss with the proper planting of seeds, nourishment, care, and harvesting.

With our Energy of Marriage therapy, we do not provide psychological counseling, but rather teach techniques that are needed to ensure proper communication, love, and unity.

Please be advised that upon completion of a Wellness Questionnaire, we will review it thoroughly and contact you within a few days.

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