"Anacis | Rings" by James Belmonte

This therapy is a must for every couple to strengthen marriage communication, bond, and unity.

One of the most important things to do in a marriage is communicate.  However, many times when communication is initiated, the other spouse may begin to take offense or become defensive even when the conversation was not intended for that purpose.

Thus, the reasoning for the Safe Circle.

The Safe Circle

  • Begin by defining a specific area with your spouse within the home as your Safe Circle.  This designated area is a place where you can both go to for safety in communication.  Inside the circle, nobody else in the world exists but the two of you.  When one spouse expresses, there is no allowed back-biting, defensiveness, or excuses – that is the purpose of the Safe Circle.
  • Next, right hands are placed over each others’ hearts.  This allows the energy to flow freely between spouses and to allow for an optimal environment of communication.  Take a few minutes to feel the energy of each other and to look in each others’ eyes.
  • Once you feel unified and at peace, feel free to open up and share.  Anything goes in the Safe Circle – this is a circle for allowing expression to occur without the fear of an emotional “blow up,” criticism, or other hurtful attitudes.  You have been brought to the Safe Circle to communicate and to understand one another.


Continue to practice the Safe Circle with your spouse.  As time goes on, you will begin to realize that your circle will begin to automatically expand… soon you will discover that you are both always in your circle – any time, any place.


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