Welcome to this course designed to help one to efficiently read food labels! By properly understanding the “jargon” of food labels, you will begin the amazing journey of actually knowing what is in your food. This is an important step in obtaining better health, wellness, and longevity as our food provides the raw materials that create (or destroy) life.

Food labels are important as they will notify the consumer of what ingredients are in their food. Why all the fuss? Well, food manufacturers and consumers are usually seeking two different goals.

  • The consumer wants a high-quality product with excellent nutrition and value.
  • The manufacturer wants to deliver a product with minimal expense and with a sufficient “shelf-life.”

In other words, the manufacturer is usually considering their “bottom line” – the profit margin, whereas the informed and educated consumer is wanting to purchase a product that will continue to create health… not disease.

So, what is the Middle Man? Well, that is where the Nutrition Facts or the Food Label comes into play…

Let’s begin!