Infertility is an emotional diagnosis as one realizes that they are unable to become pregnant.  Many couples struggle with infertility and are seeking answers to be able to conceive and have children.

Most infertile couples begin researching expensive investments into dramatic procedures in order to conceive – in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and surrogate motherhood.

It is important to note one very important detail about the reproductive system – the creation of a baby is a very difficult task.  Even as cute as the little baby can be, by definition, the baby while in the womb is a “parasite” to the mother during development – they feed off of the host and provide no benefits in return.  If the mother is physically unhealthy and her body is aware that conceiving would cause a significant crisis to her health or even death, her body will take any step necessary to ensure that conception does not occur.

If the mother’s (or even the father’s) body is not in the proper condition to support the growth of a developing child, the body will ensure that fertility is impossible.

Most cases of infertility (with the exception of sterility due to trauma or other causes) can be overcome with the proper regimen of nutrition, exercise, meditation, and rest.  Let us help you and your spouse obtain better health and wellness and achieve conception!


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