How to Make Herbal Tea without a Tea Bag

Making herbal tea is easy. So easy that I almost wrote this post in “pig latin”  You guys are smart.  You need something more challenging than boiling water and dropping in some herbs.

My brain has the tendency to complicate things.  When I first learned how to make herbal teas, I didn’t believe it.  Making an herbal tea couldn’t be that easy… could it?  I re-read the instructions over and over looking for the “complicated part.”

Guess what.

There is no complicated part.

With that said, let’s get started.  Herbal teas are sold in their own little individual pouches and while that is easy and convenient, it isn’t the most cost-effective… or creative for that matter.  To make your own herbal tea, you are going to need the following items:

1.  A pot

2. Water

3. Dried herbs of your choice

4. A fine mesh strainer or tea-pot with mesh strainer.


Fill your pot with water.  Heat on high until boiling.  Sometimes my husband sets the timer to remind himself that he is boiling water, but that really isn’t necessary.  Once your water is boiling, turn off the heat and remove your pot from the burner.

Now, hang with me.

This is where it doesn’t get tricky.

You are going to need about one tablespoon of herbs for one cup of water.  You can measure if you want… or if you are like me, you can just “guesstimate.”


If you are using a teapot with a mesh strainer, dump your herbs on into the strainer part.  If the strainer is full, you have over “guesstimated.”

IMG_3320Carefully pour the boiling water over the herbs inside the mesh strainer.  Remember, the water is hot.

IMG_3324The herbs will start to look something like this:


This is where you walk away.  Take a nap.  Hop in the shower.  Play with your kids.  Read a book.  Do whatever you want, just leave the tea alone for at least ten minutes.

The hot water is leaching out the nutrients from the herbs, otherwise known as steeping.  Steeping is what makes the tea a tea.  You will need to give the herbs at least ten minutes to do their job.

IMG_3331When the herbs are done steeping, the water will be a different color.

If you have waited for longer than ten minutes and your water hasn’t changed colors, your “guesstimate” was way off.  Try adding more herbs to the mixture.

If you have a mesh strainer, your job is pretty easy.  Like I mentioned above, you want to begin by boiling yourself some H2O.  When the water is boiling, remove the pot from the hot burner and drop your herbs into the water.

Give your herbs at least ten minutes to steep.


Place the fine mesh strainer on a water pitcher.  With one hand holding the strainer, use the other to pour the herb-infused water.  Once again, be careful.  Your water is still pretty hot.

IMG_3340Your mesh strainer should catch 99.9% of all herbs.  If not, your strainer isn’t “fine” like mine.

IMG_3347 Once your tea is cooled enough for consumption, sit back and enjoy.  Congrats!  You did it!


There are also Tea Strainer Balls that work just like a tea bag… only you have to fill them first.  Some of my favorite herbs to brew are licorice root, dandelion, red raspberry, peppermint, and rose buds.  Try adding a dab of honey for sweetness.